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- Why we love to shop local:

Build community. Strengthen your local economy. Shape our character. You can buy it where you try it. Create a healthier environment. Get real value for yourself. Enhance choices. Create jobs and opportunities. Give back to your community.

Shop Local

When you shop with us you build us up and make us stronger. We learn from our customers and what they love. We incorporate your preferences into our buying trips. There’s no pressure here, just try it on, we want to help you find the dress that fits your aesthetic perfectly. The girls who work here top off the wonderful experience. There’s value in looking and feeling your best. Our store is fresh every week with new inventory. Shopping with us allows us provide young women with jobs in the area of their passion. When you shop with us, we turn around and donate to our local charities in time, energy, gift baskets and resources.

What are your reasons for shopping local? We would love to hear:

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  • Julie Condon: July 14, 2017

    Love you shop! Nothing like it in the area. Miss seeing all of you!

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